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This sub-forum is dedicated to your artwork inspired by our game, Northern Lights. 
We encourage you to share your artwork here while also supporting and discussing fan-made content.

You are also welcome to share your artwork anywhere else but please label your work as “fan-inspired” in the title of your work (video, image, story, etc). We plan on posting from time to time Fan Creations on our social media channels and this makes it easier for us to share your creation!

As a general rule, we do not permit the commercial sale of work based on our game.
We also ask that if you share someones else work, that you give credit to the creator.

Thank you!

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About Northern Lights

You are trapped on an island whose climate suffered mysterious changes. Your survival instinct kicks-in. You find yourself facing your new reality. Massive blizzards, abnormal temperatures & hungered predators are one of the few things to whom you must survive. Do you have what it takes to face the never-ending winter? This is the core experience of Northern Lights. In less than a second, we find ourselves helpless in front of the ruthless arctic nature. From being the hunter, you became the hunted. Only the fittest will survive an experience like this. Endure the harsh arctic conditions, hunt for supplies, explore the world and find a way to escape the island in this first-person survival experience. There is no manual to show you how to survive. Your success depends on getting out into the world and using the information you find there to your own knowledge in order to survive.